Vision: Chinese Dragon

I was just sharing this morning about having had 3 visions back to back in December of 2011. If you read the fist one from the link above, this vision here is the 3rd one from that same morning, for now I am skipping the vision I saw in between these 2….

I found myself again with Jesus, in the same place we were walking before in the first vision, lots of beautiful green grass for as far as the eyes could see. I could even sense the warm breeze on my skin and I could see the breeze move the grass. We kept walking Jesus and I until we reached the end of a cliff. When I looked down into the valley, it was dark but in my spirit I knew it represented a city even though I did not see roads nor buildings. As I descended into the valley, I could see the dirt walls against which I was climbing down. When we reached the bottom I saw very tall grass all around us, taller then the grass we were walking on earlier, but to my surprise this was decaying grass. It looked as gross as decaying vegetables, all with brown slimy spots on them. Everywhere I looked for as far as my eyes could reach, the tall grass was in this disgusting condition and I thought ‘where in the world are we? It’s not worth staying here’ and I wanted to leave. But as I was about to walk away, Jesus grabbed me by the hands and told me “you asked Me to open your eyes so you could see, so now you will stay here and see”. (right before I had these 3 visions I was praying, asking God to please show me what He wants me to see in the spirit, to the point that I was almost whining about it). So I stood there and watched. Right then, kitty corner from us coming from the left I saw a large Chinese Dragon coming and it was hovering over the decaying grass and made circles just like you would see these Chinese dragons do in parades on the streets. After making circles I saw it’s tail as it was moving away. I heard it told to me that it would be back. I remember thinking while I was watching in the vision “I wonder if the decaying grass represents the state our country is in and the Chinese Dragon representing Chinese authority”. So, watching in the vision I saw that while the Chinese Dragon left the area we were in, Jesus and I quickly started sprinkling large chunks of salt. We had to hurry knowing it would come back. And everywhere we sprinkled salt the area turned illuminated although still surrounded by decaying grass. Then we saw the Chinese Dragon returning but it did not reach the illuminated area where we were standing. It hovered over the decaying grass, made more circles and left again as I saw its tail moving away. When I looked down, there was no decaying grass where we were standing, in its place there were like square tiles, but they looked like lego pieces, square in shape and looked just like tiles. That’s all I saw and then the vision ended.



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  1. This could be related to my dream.

    I had a dream 04/08/2013 where I saw the flag of China spread out like a table cloth and it was being spread over the United States so that it completely covered the continental 48 states. I also heard silk worm missiles being mentioned in the dream although I did not see any. These, from what I know, are Chinese Missiles.

    1. I agree.

  2. Wow! James and I have both seen visions of Chinese invading America! Thank you Jesus for giving us this revelation! 🙂

    1. I’d love to hear about your visions on this topic and bring more clarity to what I sense… Maybe you can share here or if you have it posted on your blog, you can share the link here?

      1. Sure! 🙂

        In a dream I saw that it was a very dark time for America. The sky looked very dark and grey and I sensed deep oppression. I was cutting across the parking lot of a mall to get to my apartment. I remember feeling panicked and fearful of being seen. When I got to my apartment there were 2 Chinese people inside. I knew that they were there to help me. I then gave them orders to spy on the Chinese. I handed them camera equipment and gave them specific instructions on where to go, where to put the cameras and what time to be back.

        The morning I had this dream I took our ministry team to grab a coffee at McDonalds and one of the men found a newspaper article that read, ‘China Flexes Military Muscle.’ The article talked about how China had just purchased nuclear weapons they thought no other nation could beat. It was confimation.

        James saw a similar type vision of him and a friend walking through a department store like JCPenny’s. In the vision he had a pistol in his waistband. He then saw a Chinese man standing nearby and knew that they were in authority. In the dream he thought, “I hope he doesn’t know I have this gun.”

        I believe your dream is confirmation as well!

      2. There were 2 Chinese men in your apartment whom you gave orders to go spy on the Chinese? So some would be on American side and others be oppressors? I now remember you sharing these online. I thought Wow!

  3. After reading these posts, I remember what I saw years ago. There was this lady, Sarah Palin on the news and I remember saying out loud what I saw. There was a HUGE Chinese army invading the US and their point of entry was Alaska. Since I didn’t see or hear anyone remotely talk about this, I disregarded the vision, until I saw these posts….

    1. More details of the vision, please, Ethel? This is significant what you saw.

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