Dream – Pregnant Baby

Job 4:13 “In disquieting thoughts from the visions of the night,When deep sleep falls on men,”

I was dreaming a lot last night. But there are dreams that are just silly and then in the midst of it all, a vision stands out. Maybe short lasted, but is imprinted in my memory when I wake up. I like how Rick Joyner puts it in the introduction of his book “The Final Quest”: “However, prophetic dreams are unmistakably different. If you have to ask what the difference is you probably have not have one”. p.13

So, I was dreaming a lot of silly dreams and then suddenly this one dream (or vision of the night if you would). I was told that a baby in the womb was pregnant herself too while she was still forming. I could see the baby (mother) very clearly in the womb, turning as she was growing and I was told that the baby (child) would grow inside the baby (mother) at the same rate she was developing. I was very curious to see the baby (child) as clearly as I could see the baby (mother) growing. But at first I couldn’t because the baby (mother) was still forming herself until suddenly it was large enough for me to notice inside of it, the baby (child) starting to form. It seemed like I was looking at the baby (child) in either an x-ray or ultra-sound because I could see it’s heart forming and the bones and its head, possibly legs and arms too, but mostly noticed what seemed like its heart and bones. I remember being marveled at how both babies (mother and child) were growing together at the same rate and I was watching their development. And then it was over. Silly dreams continued from there, totally different theme. Hmmm. I wonder, I wonder… What could it mean?

Pray that God would give you prophetic dreams



4 responses

  1. What I am feeling is that this is an end times dream. People get saved and will have an accelerated maturation into the things of God so that they can do as a baby Christian, as we would call them, what it has taken some of us a lifetime to learn. God will impart knowledge and maturity at a rate not seen since the days of the 1st century church. That’s what I am sensing at the moment. Pray about it and let me know what the Lord tells you.

    1. Both Tom and I had different interpretations. I wonder if any dream has many interpretations…

  2. Wow! Does this mean that while we are yet undeveloped spiritually, we will develop and give life to those less mature than us…and are we all to be in someone’s womb?

    Or is this a spiritual warning? That we should mature before we birth and mature other people?

    Thanks for sharing Lisette! Awesome dream!

    1. So interesting how it means different things to different people. Thank you for the insight also.

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