Judgement Is Coming, America!

My heart feels overwhelmed but I have to speak. Judgement is coming to America. It has been happening more and more. How much more can we endure before this nation repents?
Over the last couple of days praying with others and hearing what others are also receiving, all I can say is Wake Up Church!!! We can not be dormant any longer.

This morning while we were praying together one person saw a great earthquake and saw the state of Mississippi. Another saw the statue of liberty’s head was taken off by a huge ball of fire. (This same person has seen fireballs falling from the sky just days before a meteor fell over Russia).
I saw 2 frogs coming out of the water, green frogs with black polka dots. coming on the land. Another man felt like a frog had jumped on him when he was waking up this morning. Frogs are yet another plague like we see in the plagues that hit Egypt. Not everything we see in visions are literal but symbolic of course.

Yesterday a lady saw a scroll and a hand smoothen it out and a tear of blood spilling on it. Smoothen it could be ‘prepare the way of the Lord’. I saw a pair of scale of bronze or gold. Justice scale, balance. Someone saw an angel blowing a trumpet and black smoke coming out and then followed by the number 8. The number 8 speaks of new beginning. All these visions we were getting were all from the book of Revelation. Rev 6 and 8.

Genesis 18 The angels visited Abraham and told him their plan to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Are you intimate enough with God? He will tell you what He is about to do to this nation. If you stop praying and watching, you will start losing favor like Lot’s wife did. Judgement is coming! We have murdered 50 million babies. God is upset with this nation. We are ushering in same sex marriage, abominable to God. Boldly defying Christ’s name. America is going under, look at her values.

Others are getting the same messages

America the beautiful?




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  1. […] America, you may say “But why?” America, judgement is coming because of your values! Every single world power in history was brought down to its knees. Biblical […]

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