Vision: Jesus’ Triumphal Entry (Island of Bonaire)

A few years ago as I was reading the passage on Jesus’ Triumphal Entry, I prayed that the Lord would allow me to see Him enter the center of town on my island through a vision. I guess I chose Bonaire just because that is where I am from and I wanted to welcome Him there myself. This was the same season I was learning how to enter vision. I wanted to see my fellow islanders welcome Him as King and worship Him and shout “Hosanna in the highest!”. To give a little background for those who are unfamiliar with this piece of paradise… since our islands are Dutch, we have received visits from our Queen on several occasions in the past and it is a huge deal. At times even buildings were re-painted and town made ready for the Queen’s arrival. So, with this in mind, I was very excited to enter vision after reading this passage and my expectation was to see people gather quickly to welcome the Lord Jesus on our island. If we would receive the Queen of Holland in this manner and people would crowd the streets, how much more big of a deal if Jesus Himself was coming to town!

After having prayed, I closed my eyes and waited on the Lord as I envisioned myself back home, standing in “Playa”. (For my friends back home reading this, I will go as far as describing locations so they can follow even better). I envisioned myself standing at the beginning of the main street down town which is a one way street, across from ABN Bank (nor sure if same bank is there today) and looking towards the post office. I waited to see when the Spirit of God would give life to my imagination and the vision would start rolling with life of its own and I am no longer creating it. I watched and watched in the vision, not sure which direction I would see Jesus coming from. I knew He’d have to come on a donkey so I kept watching to see Him. I could see cars drive by… then suddenly on the right I see Jesus finally coming around the corner, yes, on His donkey…

With much excitement I ran to Him and assured Him that I would guide Him through town where more and more people would notice Who is entering town triumphantly! I was surprised right away that I saw cars driving by not even noticing Him! But I thought maybe as we go further into the main street it would be more busy. As we kept walking (I was leading the donkey and Jesus was sitting on it, dressed in white) I knew it had to be obvious this is the Lord Jesus Himself and I kept looking around wondering why no one is coming to welcome the Lord of Lords. The further we walked, we kept passing people on the street who just kept walking past us like we were just tourists in town ourselves. I could see employees working in the stores, people shopping, tourists enjoying their walk in town, more cars driving by… I became deeply embarrassed for Jesus’ sake. I didn’t know what to do. I looked at Jesus with deep shame and told Him “lets go further to the end of the street”. I was sure there would be more people there and hopefully they would start recognizing Him and running to Him and bow down. Cars kept driving by… and may I add that on this main street the speed limit is no more then 10 miles p/h so people have plenty of time to look around as they drive by. With deep sadness in my heart we reached clear to the other end of the main street at the mall area. No one cared! No one bothered! Everyone was busy with their own shopping, driving places, having fun with friends, hanging out in town. I was so ashamed I told Jesus why not go to the ocean front and see if possibly people on that side would notice Him. We walked past “Zee Zicht Restaurant” and it was full of people having lunch. We walked past “Karel’s Beach Bar”, same thing. By the time we were heading towards the fish market my head was hanging low. We had walked for well over 20 minutes I think and no one ever paid attention to King Jesus. (I still feel the sadness in my chest as I am remembering this vision now). I looked at Jesus and was starting to express to Him how deeply sorry and ashamed I was that my fellow islanders did not come to welcome Him, that I never would have expected that turn out… Instead He said to me: “If I had come for just one person, it is still worth the while”. That is where the vision ended.

Response: Before you go thinking I am saying there are no true believers on my island, this is not my message. There are many God fearing believers on the island who chase after Him and love Him. Rather I believe God wanted me to see the condition of my own people in general, that although we are a people who believe in God, we know about Him, we even go as far as attend Church – there are far more, I think, who believe more in religion then actually having a personal relationship with Christ. He is not acknowledged in their daily lives. They do not honor Him. They do not welcome Him in their personal lives. Let it be known today, Bonaire… we will not fool God! He knows those who know Him. If you refuse to welcome Him, you will suffer great loss. It is not about knowing ABOUT God, it is knowing Him personally and walking with Him. It is about giving Him Lordship of your life. If you are thinking religion, you have missed Him and you don’t realize you are blind. This by the way… as a clarification… is not a Bonaire thing… this is a humankind thing, I just happened to ask God to take me to my own island in a vision. Pray that we will come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and that we will invite Him into our lives. When you open your heart to Him, He will enter triumphantly!

Another vision I saw of Bonaire.

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5 responses

  1. A great lesson…a beautifull experience…Glory to the Lord…AMEN!

    1. Hey Lyselleeeeeeeee! Thanks for visiting and sharing this vision too. 🙂

      1. A great lesson…a beautifull experience…Glory to the Lord…AMEN!

      2. di nada Lisette…ta pa prome biaha ku mi ta subi e site aki..e ta nobo pa mi, dus mi tin ku kustumbra kune ainda..pero loke bo a skirbi ta asina bunita!!! Echt un wake up call pa kada un di nos riba e mundu aki…nos NO ta para ketu na e kosnan aki…STAY BLESSED!!!!

      3. Berdat! Mi tabata ke pa tur Boneriano ku ta posibel lese, pero no sa si elo alkansa mas hende. Mi tabata tin mas vishon tambe over di Bonaire, pero no a sinti pa komparti nan ainda. Mi ta asina excited ku nos ta connected aki!!!!

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