Your Words

By: Sharah Defoe

Your words,
They come at me like razor sharp swords,
Slicing through my flesh,
Attaching themselves to my very being.
Your words,
They attack me like a strong tsunami,
Striking against my firm foundation.
Your words,
They cut deep and leave scars,
For everyone to see where you once stood.
But your words are only words,
For they are lies that help you stand strong,
To help you be who you pretend to be.
But your words do not define me.
For I am defined by my God and my God alone.
His Words,
They brighten my day like the sun does the earth,
Wiping off the pain from yesterday.
His Words,
They cradle me when I stumble, like the soft swaying ocean.
Keeping me strong and healthy for the days to come.
And His words,
His words are stronger than any words that you may send my way.
For his words are the only words that matter.



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