His Eyes…

Some time ago I read the autobiography by Jaycee Dugard, a story I am sure you have seen in the news a few years back. I didn’t want my girls to read the book because of the intense description of what Jaycee had gone through. Especially our youngest is so sensitive. But just in sharing the main idea of what Jaycee shared in this book, my daughter cried so much. That same day this poem flowed out of her…

His eyes,
They see all the pain that lingers across the earth,
That rots away life and tears down hopes, dreams.
They see all the struggles that wander among homes,
That melt away smiles and weigh down passion’s stride.
They see all the suffering that passes through the streets,
That wears away joy and brings down faith.
..but that’s not where it ends,
For his tears,
They wet the bare, dry ground,
Renewing what it’s lost and brings life to its core.
His arms,
They wrap around the broken,
Mending all the wounds and replacing all the sorrows
His being,
It wipes away the pain,
Refreshing my life and raising up my hopes and dreams.
It works out my struggles,
Restoring my smiles and reviving my passion.
It casts away all the suffering,
Regaining my joy and building up my faith
For his eyes,
They don’t just see,
But they mend, they heal, and they recover.

By: Sharah Defoe.
Another Poem by our daughter Shawna.



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