My oldest daughter used to write poems often. She hasn’t in a while. But this one was from October 2010.

A beautiful soul
A personality, new and unique
Soft Skin, tiny fingers, fine hair, pretty eyes
The constant joyful thoughts of what’s to come
Another to hold and caress
Another to talk to
Another to love
So much feeling mixed together
In that single moment when you see her
She’s more than you could have ever imagined

But to lose her,
Not giving her a chance
to prove herself worthy of that, now lost, love
You will never see her smile,
Hear her laugh,
Hold her in your arms,
Touch her soft skin
No second chances
She’s gone,

Was never given the chance to be here
She was passed by when the choice was made
Not asked for an opinion,
Not asked for a single word
No one listened to her cry
Cry? Did she cry?

No longer special,
Gone to join the millions who suffered the same
Why do fools sin so harshly?
Selfish, evil, pleasure seeking fools,
Do you regret?
No one seemed to realize all that they left behind
When making such a decision out of fear

Her smiling, laughing, cooing fades away
Her weeping ignored
All that love now is, now thrown away
And all the possibilities lost.

by: Shawna Defoe



10 responses

  1. I really liked this one and could imagine writing it myself actually after my daughters were born. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    1. I know right? I hugged her tight after reading her poem, remembering how soft her skin was, how good she smelled… I think heaven must smell like that! The poem definitely touches deep. The other daughter’s poems I will share later too.

      1. Great, I shall wait for them to be posted! πŸ™‚

      2. ok. Soon.

  2. ok! Soon.

  3. Es palabran ta hopi bunita Lisette! Y directamente di su corazon! Segun mi ta bai bon aki riba WP no? Bo portet tambe ta hopi nice. πŸ™‚

    1. Si Nadyess! E ta asina talentoso. Esaki ta unu di tono tristu tambe, pero super bunita. Mi tin duele ku mi no tin mas di dje saved. Pero pronto mi ta post dos di e otro ju. Si, aki na WP ta bai great! Danki un biaha mas. Anto ma post esun dibo over di pordona riba FB y un amiga a share e bek riba su wall tambe.

      1. Tristu pero bunita! E ta toca bo curason ora be lesele. Jammer ku bo no tin mas. Mi sa ku aunque bo skirbi algo un biaha mas e no por sali nunca manera su prome biaha. Leuk ku bo a usa un di mi postnan. Mi ta contento di tende ku bo a gustele. Den es siman nan ku a pasa hopi kos rond dime a pone ku mi a skirbi esei. Mi a pordona hende rond di mi y di berdad mi a sinti exactamente loque es palabranan ta bisa. πŸ™‚ Pasa un felis fin di weekend y nos ta keda en Touch riba WP.

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