Vision – Walking With Jesus On The Water

I was sharing earlier today on how to enter vision. I remember I got very excited when I learned that God can open our eyes to see Him through visions and that this can be a daily part of our communing with Him. But again, just like learning to journal, I was very nervous I wouldn’t see anything because I had only had a vision once or twice before in my life and not at will. It just appeared in front of me that first time.

The author Dr. Mark Virkler explained that we automatically envision the scene when we read a Bible story. Same as when we read any other book, we visualize what we are reading. And that in the same way, when we are visualizing a Bible passage, we can put ourselves in the scene, imagine being there and then keep watching the pictures in our imagination and ask the Holy Spirit to take over and show us what He wants us to see. I jumped into the exercise. I laid on the bed and chose the passage when Jesus called Peter to walk with Him on the water. But instead of the disciples being in the boat with Jesus, I put myself in the boat with Him and the location rather, on the ocean off the coast of my own island in the Caribbean. I started off by looking at the coast where I can recognize all the buildings on that strip of the coast. And then I turned (in my imagination) and looked at the horizon…. and suddenly…. the picture started flowing with life of its own… for the first time ever. I was just watching, not creating any of it. All of it had the element of surprise as it was the spirit moving in the vision… here goes…

…Jesus stretches His hands showing me the sky as if wanting to tell me to look at His creation. It’s just the two of us in the boat and the sun was just going down. I can see the waves, I can see His robe. And after I tell Him that I love His creation and that I think it is beautiful, I was shocked to see that He stepped out of the boat!! I remember exclaiming ‘what are you doing, you’re on the water”. He told me that it was ok, He could walk on it. I remember being freaked out because I could see in the picture that the waves were very much alive and as I looked into the water, to my surprise, I saw the shadow of a large whale swimming from under the boat. The more I freaked out seeing Jesus standing on the water. When Jesus saw my eyes wide open with surprise, he started RUNNING on the water and sliding like he was on a wet tile floor, water was splashing as he made a long slide and He was laughing. (Sometimes we don’t realize Jesus is actually fun and likes to laugh, we picture Him somber and serious like some paintings make Him out to be). I was still standing in the boat and was like ” are you serious?” And then to make His point, He actually started jumping up and down to show me that yes, He is not sinking. To my shock, I saw Him extend His arms, inviting me to come out of the boat and walk with Him. I was very nervous. He came to the boat and held my hand and I stepped out of the boat, not without noticing all the moving waves under my feet. As I started walking, the waves were getting my shoes and my pants wet and I laughingly started whining “I am all wet”. Guess what He did to my surprise? He bent down, cupped water in His hands and poured on Himself, making Himself all wet so I wouldn’t feel bad that my clothes were now wet. And then in real life my daughter spoke to me and I lost the vision, it ended abruptly. But WOW! That was my first time entering vision putting myself in a favorite Bible passage. It taught me Jesus is fun, He challenges me to walk with Him by faith, always being my Example and especially, He can identify with me in everything, like getting all His clothes wet just to make me feel comfortable. Awe, He is so sweet.


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  1. I had to laugh imagining you and Jesus having fun on the water… you getting wet. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Lisette and you should know that I love the location were you had your vision.

    1. HAHA, I like describing those locations, I know you and fellow islanders can envision it very well! Ask Jesus to give you a vision of you and Him walking on the water too! 😉 It’s cool!

      1. I`ll do my best and see if He grants me a vision Lisette! 🙂

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