How Do You Enter In?

How do you prepare your heart for your quiet time? What is your daily routine like? I don’t think there is any one best routine nor one particular order in which we must approach God. Each person has their own schedule and daily routine and habits. For some this is first thing in the morning, for some last thing before sleeping. For some during a break at work, for some while driving to work. For some while folding laundry or doing dishes. But I think the one element that we all have in common is separating that moment to commune with God. Some spend 10 minutes, others 3 hours.

I heard once of a faithful praying mother who would kneel daily at her bed, stick her head under the blankets to pray while the kids played in the same room. That would give her a sense of privacy with God and the kids knew when mommy covered her head under blankets, she was busy talking to God and to not interrupt her. How cute. I had a co-worker years ago who, while working at his station away from customers, he would worship out loud by whistling while he bounced and rocked away. I am sure his work was joyful most days.

I don’t believe 3 hours in prayer makes you holier then those who spend 10 minutes in prayer, but I think rather our whole lives are to be lived before the face of God. In attitude of thanksgiving, worshiping in song, tuning in to hear His voice, reading His Word, somehow connecting with the Spirit of God.

For me I don’t have any particular routine that I follow each time. Scripture reading is anytime of the day and I have gone days without reading the Bible too. No condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. But following a plan makes me stay on the ball in busy schedule. There are seasons when I journal less and seasons when I journal more. By journaling I mean writing down the words that are flowing as the Holy Spirit speaks back to me. I do believe though that we should have a goal to hear God more and more and not doing all the talking all the time. God speaks in many ways obviously, but I have learned to journal and love the intimacy it provides in the relationship. I usually am inspired to bring a topic before the Lord and as soon as I verbalize (mentally) what it is I want to discuss with Him, I can feel inside that the words are about to start flowing. It feels like it is rising within or bubbling up. I then sit down, grab my tablet and start typing away. Before I would write by hand in a notebook.

There are other helpful practices that many have in their own lives to stay connected with God all day or to have a quiet moment and zero in, tune in to connect with God. I love hearing others’ thoughts. Feel free to share.



2 responses

  1. Wonderful posting! You`re for sure a talent and the words comes directly from your heart. I agree that routine is not important, as long as you keep praying, no matter when and how much. Thanks a lot for sharing all those beautiful words on your blog.

    1. Brasa y sunchi for di Merka te na Hulandaaaaa. haha.

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