How to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit

How do you know that your spirit truely heard from God? How do you know it is not your own imagination?
1. You are left in awe because the response/thought is revelatory. You could have never come up with that response/thought on your own. It is the Spirit of God streaming His thoughts into yours.
2. When you are done communicating deeply, you feel the issue has been resolved or your concern/question has been asnwered.
3. The response you receive from Him can be backed up by the written Word of God, the Bible (Logos). The Spirit does not contradict the written Word.
4. You are experiencing a sense of joy even if what you heard was not what you wanted to hear. This could be the case, but not necesarilly always the case.
5. Usually the thought/response is very different from what you would have thought yourself. It seems like you just sat infront of another person and heard their oppinion and it may not be like what you thought. Why? Because His ways are higher.

These are what I experienced in learning to become confident in knowing I am hearing God myself. Lets keep practicing hearing His voice.

Feel free to ask questions too, we can discuss further and build each other up.

                Picture Source: My own Instagram post. @SorayaRosaria

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